Hair Transplants in Thailand: Frequently Asked Questions

A hair transplant Thailand is a noteworthy procedure, although it does not always deliver positive results. The best way to avoid disappointments is by knowing all that entails the process.
As per the American Beauty College, here are the frequently asked regarding hair transplants in Thailand.

How Much Does it Cost?
The three main factors that affect how much you pay for a hair transplant are the size of the area that needs air, the doctor that performs the surgery, and where you undergo the procedure.
The place you get a transplant has a significant impact on the fee you pay. Fortunately, countries such as Thailand offer this service at a cheaper cost than western nations without compromising on the quality. Another factor that affects cost is the person conducting the hair transplant procedure. The more qualified and experienced a surgeon is, the more they will charge.
Finally, the size of the area that needs hair also affects the fees you pay. In this regard, you will pay less money to correct thinning hair than a bald person.

How Painful Is It?
Despite the belief that surgeries are painful, hair transplants are not. Because of the anesthetic applied during the procedure, all you get is a little discomfort.
After the operation, you might experience some mild pain. However, you can ease it by using conventional painkillers.

How Much Time before Changes become Noticeable?
Hair grows slowly, even in people who do not suffer from hair loss. After surgery, hair can start growing after three to four months. The full effect becomes noticeable after eight to twelve months.

Is it Permanent?
Since the transplanted hair follicles are, in theory, resistant to baldness, they should provide a permanent solution. However, hair loss comes with age. This means that you might need to undergo another procedure as you get old.

How long is the Recovery Period?
In most cases, you need a few days to recover from hair transplant surgery. During this period, the America School of Beauty recommends avoiding going to the gym, sexual intercourse, and other intense physical activities.