Factors that Affect Breast Augmentation in Thailand

The two primary factors that affect breast augmentation in Thailand are the type of implant and the technique used.

Type of Implants
Generally, there are two types of implants, saline and silicone gel. However, they are further categorized according to their style, namely surface and filler implants.

Surface Implants
As the name suggests, surface implants are placed on the breasts surface. There are two types – texture implants, which feel bumpy, and smooth implants with a soft natural feel. That said, patients who get texture implants are less likely to experience the complications others get after augmentation.

Filler Implants
Filler implants are more prevalent among women than surface implants. Modern options use silicone gel that makes a breast’s texture consistent.
Although there is no proof that silicone is harmful, some females prefer having saline filler implants. Whenever the implant ruptures, the saline solution gets absorbed into the body, and the shell deflates.
Since silicone is not bio-degradable, a woman cannot notice if the shell loses its original form. This is why it is best to undergo regular MRI scans to check your silicon shell's integrity.

The four implant placement techniques are infra-mammary fold, trans-axillary, peri-areolar, and trans-umbilical breast augmentation.

Infra-mammary Fold
This is the most common breast augmentation technique in Thailand. It involves making an incision below the breast and gives more control of the implant’s placement. It is ideal for mothers and older patients since aging and breastfeeding cause breasts to sag.

In this technique, the surgeon makes an incision in the armpit and then inserts the implant above or below the breast muscle. Its most significant advantage is that it leaves no scars on the breast. On the downside, the scars are conspicuous when a patient wears sleeveless outfits.

Here, the doctor makes an incision around the nipple such that the scar blends with the areola’s edge. Because of its proximity to the nipple, women who opt for this method often have sensitivity and breastfeeding challenges after the operation.

Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation
This is the newest technique for breast augmentation according to American-beauty-college. The doctor tunnels an endoscope into a pocket below the breast. The implant is then inserted through this incision and then filled with saline.