Does a Hair Transplant Last for a Long Time?

If you’re experiencing severe hair loss or balding, and are looking into the prospects of getting a hair transplant, it’s only natural to question whether or not it would be a permanent fix to your problem. And rightfully so, considering how much the surgery costs. Lucky for you, however, if a surgery in your home state is too pricey for you, head on out for a hair transplant in Bangkok, which can cost as low as $900!

Since Thailand is a hotspot for medical tourism, with top-of-the-line equipment and professionals ready at the mark, your best chance of getting a long lasting and desired hair transplant rests here.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?
If you look at this theoretically, since the follicles harvested in your scalp and genetically programmed to keep growing, a hair transplant can last for your entire lifetime. Nevertheless, the lifespan of the new hair can be affected by the patient’s hair type, age, and lifestyle. Sometimes, patients may also have to get an additional surgery to maintain results.

Is It Necessary to Get Another Surgery?
Hair loss is a progressive issue, that only accelerates as you age. Even after you receive your initial hair transplant, your original hair will continue to thin and fall out. Consequently, while your implanted hair may have achieved permanency, the remainder of your head, which didn’t receive any grafts, will clear out eventually.
Therefore, it is common for patients to have to go through more than one surgery in their lifetime. While an additional surgery is mostly conducted to address a newly exposed area, some patients also wish to make the previously implanted area denser.

How Is Hair Thinning Post-Surgery Prevented?
Once the surgery is completed successfully, surgeons provide patients with medication, that aids in stabilizing the accelerating hair loss, and effectively reduce the need for an additional surgery. Besides that, patients are also required to take extra care of their hair, with proper hair care products, and a lifestyle that does not cause more damage to the hair.