Helped My Neighbor Find A Tree Service Fort Myers Area

Tree Service Fort Myers

My neighbor has a tree that borders our property. This tree is right in the middle and apparently the person that owned our home before told him the tree was his. This tree was starting to die and lose limbs on it. It was causing us to constantly pick up the yard and on his side too. We get along with our neighbor and I wanted to ask him in person if he wanted to have it cut down. I know it was a hassle for him too.

I approached him one evening and asked him if he was interested in getting it cut down. I told him if he was that I could help him find a tree service Fort Myers had. He said that tree was a hassle and he was ready to have it completely cut down. He said it would be great if I found someone to cut it down for him because he didn’t know anyone and didn’t know where to start looking.

I went on Facebook and made a post asking if any of my friends could recommend a tree service Fort Myers has in the area. I had a few people respond to tell me about experiences they have had and who they hired. I contacted a few of these tree services right on Facebook. They wanted to see the tree in person so they could give me an accurate price on what it would cost. I wanted to make sure my neighbor would be around when they were there so he could decide who he wanted to hire. I contacted him to see when he would be available to meet with them.

Once I talked to him about it, I made arrangements for the tree service company to meet up with him. I let them know this was for my neighbor and that’s who they would be meeting with.

A few days later there was a tree company cutting the tree down. My neighbor said after talking to the companies this one was the cheapest one. He said he was happy to finally get rid of this tree. It looks much nicer since the tree is gone and I don’t have to pick up the branches that fall off of it constantly. I am glad I was able to find a company to cut it down and that my neighbor agreed it was time to do it.