Things To Know When Choosing Your Underfloor Heating Kit

When it comes to heating your house, you have many options to choose from. There is the traditional radiator, with a centralised wall-mounted heating unit. Another option is the modern underfloor heating kit, which utilises the principle of radiant heating to warm a room, the entire house, or even an entire office building. The latter is increasingly becoming popular as more homeowners and commercial property owners become acquainted with the benefits they can accrue from using this system of heating.

Herein, we are going to explore the underfloor heating kit system, with particular interests in the types and the benefits of such a heating system.

The Types Of Underfloor Heating Kits

There are generally two types of underfloor heating systems:

#1. The Electric System ” The electric underfloor heating kits use electric heating coils to produce heat. This heat is in turn radiated through the floor to the entire room. For efficient heating, the electric heaters are laid on the entire floor, which produces even heating. This underfloor heating system is the preferred heating system for houses with limited floor height since the heating coils and the wires take very limited floor space.

#2. The Water System ” This system uses a network of pipes which supply hot water for the actual heating. The heating pipes are laid within the cement, with the floor cover installed just above the pipe. Owing to the size of the pipes, this type of system is best installed in new houses.

The Benefits Of The Underfloor Heating System

The most pronounced benefit of these heating systems is the improved experience. Unlike the wall mounted radiators, the underfloor heating units tend to produce even heating all across the floor. This means that there is an even heating across the entire room, which produces comfortable ambient conditions. With wall mounted radiators, there is an increased concentration of heat in one part of the room (portions of the room next to the radiator) resulting to uneven distribution of heat.

Another benefits, though a salient one, is that homeowners experience more efficient heating. As mentioned above, using the traditional wall mounted radiator results in concentrated heat in one part of the room. Thus to compensate for this shortcoming, most radiators produce more heat than is necessary for an effort to heat the entire room, which results in inefficiencies. However, underfloor heating systems do not suffer from this shortcoming as they heat the entire room evenly. Thus, these systems do not have to produce extra heat, which is inherently more efficient.