Hired An Electrician Dallas Area For Fixing An Outlet That Quit Working

I was having some issues with an outlet in my home that I used to plug a lamp into. It had always worked just fine and one day it stopped working. I thought maybe the light bulb needed changed in the lamp and after doing that and the lamp not turning on, I thought maybe there was more to it than that. I plugged the lamp into another outlet in the same room and it worked just fine. I was sure the problem wasn’t with the lamp and that it was with the outlet instead. I wanted to find an electrician Dallas area to take a look at it and possibly fix it for me.

I searched online for electrician Dallas area. I found several around and started calling each one of them. I wanted to see what they could tell me over the phone. I explained what happened and told them that it was just one outlet that wasn’t working. Many of them said they would need to take a look at it before determining what was wrong, but assured me that it could be a minor problem. I found one electrician that even gave me an estimate for what it would be to fix it if it was a minor issue. I asked them when they would be available to take a look at it for me and he told me he could come the next day and look at it. I hired him for the job.

The next day he came and looked at the outlet. He said it was going to be a minor fix and he would just need to replace the outlet itself. He said the estimate he gave me over the phone was around what he charges for it and he said he could fix it right then and there. I told him that was fine and this was an outlet that I used a good bit of the time so I really needed it fixed.

He worked very quickly to replace the outlet and get it working again. I am really happy to have this outlet to use again and put the same lamp in the place where it was. I am glad it was an easy fix and didn’t require more work than this because that could have been really costly.