Miami Bee Removal Vs. Pest Control

Miami Bee Removal

This post is for homeowners who may be having a bee infestation issue and need a professional opinion on removing the bees. We are going to look at two common processes to address the issue, namely; pest control and hive removal. More information:
Both of these processes work, but the major difference is permanency. Bee removal is a permanent solution to the infestation, whereas pest control is temporary. Of course, beehive removal will be a more expensive way to eliminate the bees. Pest control procedures will be a fraction of the cost but do keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Pest control usually involves spraying the bees with pesticides and the problem with this is that it will not get rid of these insects permanently. Because of this reason, using pesticides to control the bees ends up being costly since you will be repeating the process over and over. Also, if you eventually do enough rounds to kill all the bees, you will be left with rotting honey and thousands of dead bees on your property.

Bee removal is the only solution that I can suggest to Miami residents. Not only because it’s the only solution to permanently getting rid of bees, but also because you’ll avoid the trouble of removing the rotting bees and bad odor. Rotten honey and dead bees tend to leave an awful smell, similar to that of a dead animal. When you are left in such a situation, you will need to hire somebody to remove it, and you will be back to where you should have begun; hiring a Miami bee removal company instead of a pest control one.
Bee removal is a dangerous job, and you should never try it by yourself, especially if you are allergic to bee stings. It would be wiser to hire a Miami bee removal company. The cost should be anywhere between $100 to $2000 depending on the location, size and the severity of the infestation. Factors like accessibility and height tend to affect the pricing. For instance, if you have a small hive hanging from a tree limb that’s easily accessible, you can expect to pay less as compared to a beehive deep in the attic.

You may think that you have a small bee problem when in reality there’s a huge hive behind the wall. Such an issues may cost you several hundreds of dollars due to the severity of the issue. Apparently, bee removal varies in price, but it is worth the investment.