Architects Jersey

architects-jerseyPF+A are a fantastic team of Architects Jersey. They have their own personal track record of achieving planning success in Guernsey in the last 20 years. They have a dedicated team of workers consisting of interior designers, 3D modelers, technicians, technologists and sight construction administrators. They are well equipped to support the client throughout the whole development. They have managed to establish themselves as one of the leading practices in Guernsey due to all of their amazing work. They pride themselves on their approach to client relationships and will help to bring your dreams and aspirations to fruition. Their expertise varies from modern and contemporary designs to the technical skills that are needed to support the administration of the construction.


Any development that you want will mean that they have to follow a certain procedure. These architects Jersey will start the process with a client meeting, this is usually on sight and one of their team will talk to you about what your hoping for with the development and add in their advice and suggestions. Then a measured survey will need to be completed on the building or land, measurements will be taken so they can be plotted to scale into their CAD system. Next a proposed plan is made this means deciding what you want but taking into account the planning policy guidelines and sketch proposals. Once the design had been finalised it will be submitted to the planning department. Detailed plans will then be made to show all of the necessary information and this will be sent to building control. Once these approvals have been received, a building contractor will be selected, this can be done with a competitive tender or with a preferred builder, so that an accurate price can then be agreed. Lastly is the construction process, they will work closely with the chosen builder to ensure smooth running of the project.


One of the many improvements done by these architects Jersey, was done on the Mystique; this inhabits an east coast vantage point. It is overlooking the islands of Herm and Sark. The original property was made up of small rooms. They transformed the property into a fantastic home which is filled with rooms and panoramic glazed doors which allow light to flow through the home. Careful detail was done throughout the home making sure that clean lines were a consistent feature throughout the property. They even fitted a floating staircase which resembles the shape of a harp and works as a functional and gorgeous centre piece.